Sex In The Machine

by Mai

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Inspired by a lecture course given by Professor Una Chung at Sarah Lawrence College, I chose to put together an album to document, interpret, and consider the discourse prompted within the class.


released May 5, 2014

Produced by Roger Paul Mason



all rights reserved


Mai New York, New York

22, student in NY/Japan
vulpine night crawler

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Track Name: The Wandering
"the more I try
the less I know
become of me
where ought I to go

two of us
it's you and me
here stranger and friend
though through it all I cannot see

How will we arrive our inevitable ending

amour de soi meme
amour de soi meme
nous sommes"

----- Continued Cut lyrics-------

"dragged through in pursuit of my my wandering soul
and the quest for self examination
these words are not my own
these thoughts into language they are not my own
My heart, my head for you- this is not my own

I can not adequately relate it
You sure can sense but you can't know it

amour de soi meme
amour de soi meme
Your love is yours
your love is me
Loving you is all and it's all just to be

But you arouse my tips and down far deep
it's nothing but to burst from me
now I am alone in an attempt to sleep
you are the pleasant thoughts
you are my crippled feet

amour de soi meme
amour de soi meme
Your love is yours
your love is me
Loving you is all and it's all just to be

we've tried for that our best to make
love to share love to take
love to live
what when we are nothing that's left to give
Broken the purest the truest by your taste
cast out by presence, the subject of vice

The reality of you crushes my superstition and faith
My dreams, they can wait but not with a tole on my present self
I live in the future I live in past else"
Track Name: Those of a Myth
"man on a myth
man on a myth
those lacking in
though lost in with
we never knew
never love nor grieved, it is true"

-Continued, Alternative Lyrics-

"man on a myth
man on a myth
to find our part we must look in with
make ours what birthed he found he lacked
what when our sights pray looked saw black

She stood before made vision the spirit
He's lost, he finds he must attain it
but this journey man ever makes
in search of myth, though never tastes

haunted man is"
Track Name: Discourse of the Women
"This man seems more responsive in perception seeing me
despite though his keen nature of melancholy
resistance it won't conquer a grand voice of authority
We're better off just giving into blind machinery

oh love it's coming to us
all spectacle is on us

Mystic erotic vestals of sight and source are we
for man to play upon his wild thoughts and fantasy
The woman, she first manifests in instability
Hate and love and healing touch in dreams of hail mary

oh love it's coming to us
all spectacle is on us"

-Continued, Cut Backup Lyrics-

"lack love, see, take
know now,
build, make
your half of self is what's at stake"

"I am a subject
i am a muse -- ment"

"the growth of perversions is just something we know well"
Track Name: What Are You, Mother
"Mother alien, I'm far from man
the chest is broken, no I'm not a man
my shell of flesh burst and torn
emerging forth a parasitic bastard born
oh, unearthly mother
my God, my father
he struggles now to stand

microscopic bodies
mutant slapdash bodies
rip apart our sacred bodies
tear us out of the machine

does absolute violence inflict upon your soul

does this monstrous creature even have a soul"
Track Name: Micro-Life
"know how bodies come to be
manipulate strains of genes
to give the links of change
the life that they can claim
their own
their own

not the story of the form
but all the habits that encompass life, desire, be a body
embody basic body

resting in the woven seams
the blocks on blocks assemble we
oh, childish childhood
but the fate remains
deep within me

we were never going to leave home
barefoot, pregnant we did roam
the final thing we can't ignore, to be a body"